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About us

Toad Lane has been a student cooperative since the early 1970s, and a part of
CCRI since the 1990s. Activism has been a long-standing tradition, evident in the
newspaper articles featuring its residents, hundreds of books about social issues
in the library, and dozens of pieces of artwork in every corner of the house.
We have evolved into a vibrant vegan community, hosting weekly potlucks,
fundraisers, and frequent informal discussions about social justice.

Veganism is a form of nonviolent direct action which takes seriously the interests
of animals to avoid the suffering inherent in their exploitation.  It looks forward
to a future where liberation struggles such as anti-racism and anti-sexism
are realized, but also where the underlying principles of justice are applied
consistently to other patterns of oppression.  We oppose speciesism, which is the
assignment of different values or rights to beings on the basis of their species.

Veganism also has demonstrated health and environmental benefits, which
contribute to its role in social justice.  We do not endorse forms of veganism
based on celebrity trends, weight-loss fads, or personal purity. Veganism doesn’t
mean you should fit a stereotype.

What does it mean to live in our house?

We host open vegan potlucks every Thursday attended by 10-30 people.


Cleanliness and weekly house chores are taken seriously and we strive to
continually improve our home with art, plants, and renovation projects.


We regularly host couch surfers and use our house as meeting place for
community groups.


House meetings are held on a monthly basis, and often involve
communally prepared food.


We struggle to be as LGBTQ positive as possible.


Members of the house are expected to abstain from bringing new animal
exploitation products into the house.  The question of old leather and
wool, or dumpster-recovered items is less a question of ethics, but more a
debate of strategy and consistency, open at this time.
We are looking for an individual, committed to veganism, who wishes to be an
engaged member of the house, the co-op, and the larger community.


_______Please check here if you are a current co-op member

Please check the terms for which you are applying
¨ Summer 2011
¨ Fall 2012
¨ Spring 2012

In order to better ensure a diversity of community, especially by
limiting the influence of existing friendships on the application
process, we have a blind application review process. To that end,
when answering the questions in the application, please try not to
include identifying information about yourself. (For example, instead
of writing “I have been coming to Toad Lane potlucks for years,” you
might write “I highly value community potlucks, and have participated
in similar events for years).

Please state in about 500 or so words your motivation for applying to our theme

In order to better ensure a diversity of community, especially by limiting the influence of existing friendships on the application process, we ask that individuals “anonymize” their relationships with the house and house members. For example, instead of writing “I have been coming to Toad Lane potlucks for years,” you might write “I highly value community potlucks, and have participated in similar events for years.”

1. Please state in about 500 or so words your motivation for applying to our theme house.

2. What have you been up to over the past year?

3. What are you passionate about and how are you engaged with it?

4. What experiences do you have living in a co-op/what are you reasons for wanting to living in a co-operative setting?

5. OPTIONAL: We value equity and inclusivity and welcome the contributions of that individuals from marginalized communities bring to our house. Please let us know if you self-identify as being a woman, indigenous person, person of colour, queer/trans-person, immigrant, or a member of an ethnic minority.*

6. OPTIONAL: What would you want us to know about you?

*Unfortunately, Toad Lane is not wheelchair accessible.

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  1. Elaine Bowen permalink
    January 31, 2010 3:26 am

    hi there Toad Hall-ers. Just writing to say hello and ask how the house is doing? I was one of the first group to move in there, back in — I am guessing 1994? Most of the original members still remain in touch to this day and we decided amongst ourselves that the house would be vegetarian. I recall each of us cooked two nights a month and there were always wonderful, communal dinners and guests were always welcome. We had a long dining table in the overgrown backyard and spent long evenings in the yard with house-mates, out-of-town guests, etc. I can see now that you are vegan and from the looks of things quite organized! Would love to see pictures of the main room, kitchen, dining room and backyard – if you have them, please post! My room was on the 2nd floor, at the front on the north side. During my time there many house-mates paired up and I know one couple that’s still together! I also recall that we had an idea to photograph all those living in house on front porch each year and line the halls with the pictures. Did this ever happen?!
    all the best, Elaine

  2. Raven (Simone) permalink
    February 15, 2010 12:20 am

    Sago/Greetings Everyone,

    I was honored to be invited with others from the Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared to your home for some wonderful food.
    It was such a cold day (-22C) with wind chill factor, so your kind gesture warmed our hearts as well as our frozen feet.
    The freshly baked bread and peach cobbler were delicious.
    Chi miigwetch/Nya:weh/Thank you for your hospitality and support.
    I look forward to meeting you again.

    Raven (Simone)

  3. July 6, 2011 9:18 pm

    Hi Northern-Song and co.,

    What a lovely flashback your movie provides.

    Valerie and I briefly passed by Toad Lane on June 10th 2011, jet lagged. For ten days, I visited Toronto for a workshop on Extreme Sea Waves at the UT, and we enjoyed our old home town in the adjacent weekends (theatre, paddling around The Islands, and endless walking around).

    In 1994, we proposed Toad Lane as a tighter community house with a selected group of people from the Annex Division, as I felt Campus Coop had not been sufficiently cooperative on a dialy basis. Elaine was one of them. We introduced shared vegetarian cooking once a week, a.o. Later Valerie moved in. I graduated with a Ph.D. in physics in November 1995, after a spring and summer battle with mononucleosis, and too much cross-country skiing in a UT Varsity team. As a consequence, I spent many hours in that classic bath tub and in my room, resting and recovering. You, my house mates, were very helpful. I had a great time living in Toad Lane.

    During that time, I became member of Karma Food Coop, a cooperative supermarket a few blocks away across from Bathurst Street hidden between two rows of houses. It sells all kinds of groceries. I became member because I was fed up with the overload of packaging materials. It sells also vegetarian and local produce, and the board keeps an eye on the working conditions of the people who grow or produce the food. After I moved to The States in 1995, doing groceries in the Stop & Shop supermarket was a horrible experience for months on end, till I finally adjusted again. Karma still exists. For arguments’ sake, I again bought a green-tea bar of chocolate -as part of my Toronto experience- at Karma.

    We loved the book made by the members of the house throughout the years. Would you please mind sending me the first few pages?

    Some of the art in the house might be Elaine’s or Valerie’s -the painted chair is. Links to her web page, our joint art project “Fluid Fascinations”, and a have-fun-and-play fluid dynamics’ project called “Bore Soliton Splash” can be found via my web page.

    Great blog, and keep up (the wood work of) the house.

    Best wishes, Onno Bokhove.

    • sa ejnesman permalink
      April 30, 2012 8:48 pm

      I understand you have a space or had a space available for rent for the summer months.
      I’m a semi vegan male taking a summer film course at ryerson and this sounds like a nice oppertunity to learn about vegan cooking. anyway please let me know if your still looking and perhaps schedual a meeting
      647 707 8634

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